Jesus healing a deaf (Mark. 7:31-37)

Ludwig van Beethoven (baptized 17 December 1770 in Bonn, died March 26, 1827 in Vienna) was an English composer of classical music from Germany. His famous work is the Fifth Symphony, a piano song Für Elise and a ninth Symphony: all 75 minutes it contains part of the ode “An die Freude” (United Kingdom: Ode to Joy) by Friedrich Schiller. Ode is the national anthem of the European Union. This is probably a work of symphonic classical music’s most famous, and is considered one of Beethoven’s greatest masterpieces, composed when he was completely deaf. He is seen as one of the greatest composers and was instrumental in the transition period between the classical and Romantic Eras. During his youth, he was a talented pianist, popular among the people is important and rich in Vienna, Austria, where he lived.
However, in 1801, he began to be deaf. Ketuliannya got worse and in 1817 he became completely deaf. Although he no longer could play in concerts, she continues to create music, and during this period formed the largest portion of his works. He lived the rest of his life in Vienna and never married.
Beethoven is very well known even though he’s a deaf but there are different with a deaf in the Gospel of mark 7: 31-37 IE a famous deaf since Jesus cured him.
A deaf and stuttering in the area of Dekapolis (31-32) in need of healing from Jesus. Then Jesus did is to separate it from the crowd, then Jesus put his fingers into the man’s ear, then spit and grasping the tongue. After that Jesus looked up into the sky drew breath and said to him: be open and OWNED by EFATA, meaning: (33-34).
My brothers and sisters. Need a deaf who mainly and most importantly note by Jesus. Jesus did the best and perfect to deaf people such as us, Jesus was Omniscient what we need. Jesus gives the best to Beethoven so that he is famous for its works great! Jesus show how much He loved us.
After Jesus said EFATA! then this opens up the ears of the deaf and instantly it regardless these Binder tongue, he speaks in a well (35). Praise the Lord, it is clearly only the power of God can do miracles.
My brothers and sisters. Jesus showed his divinity that he is the GOD who intentionally limit the divinity to be involved with the life of mankind. That is to say Jesus confine his divinity, God-Man in the person of Jesus Christ, come kedunia involved with sinners and does wonders with the aim to show how great his love.
Jesus is famous for the people who believe in him that preached the good news to others (36). They are amazed and dumbfounded and say: “he made everything good, who is deaf as his hearing, his mute made speechless.”(37)
My brothers and sisters. Jesus is Lord. Are we already accept him as their Lord and Savior?
By Kiven Keegen Kaeng

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