The hero and his Supporters (Phil. 2: 7-30)

Edmund Hillary was the first Mountaineer conquering Mount Everts so he received the title of Queen Elisabeth of Sir United Kingdom. He is highly respected and renowned throughout the world thanks to a guiding road is not notable. Time is another step to reach the Summit said the guide to Hillary: Please the stamp on it is not my Father. Since the incident Hillary became a hero in England and the guide support only.
So is the case with the Apostle Paul with Timothy and Epaphroditus. There are only different between them that is Christ’s love which does not distinguish them as heroes or supporter
In Philippians 2: 7-24 is the importance of the role of the Ministry of the Apostle Paul to Timothy for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even Paul stated their relationship as father and son (22). So also with us into the body of Christ has an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father so that we can collaborate in teams to the glory of God.
When Paul became famous people he’s never menomor will those who collaborated with him as the team but he is very loved them as brothers and co-workers (25). Paul humbly stated that there was a very loving God Epaphroditus, fiercely loyal even health fisiknyapun (30) did not hinder him to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
How about we are called to be a slave of Christ?
why we should cooperate within the team, because we are the body of Christ has the talents to complement each other for the sake of the glory of God. So there is no difference among the Christians to say that I am a hero and you’re just supporting it. Amin.
Greetings in Christ Kiven Keegen Kaeng.

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